Welcome to Noa Noa Hawaii

Fine clothing

noa noa at ward centre

Clothing for men and women. Noa Noa Presents a profusion of patterns and colors in traditional Hawaiian and Pacific Island Tapa and ethnic designs from around the world.  Hand batiked all natural fabrics include cottons, rayons, silks and linens.  Noa Noa is known of their ease of style in clothing for men and women.

Hand made jewelery

Fine Jewelery to complement our clothing. We have a selection of gold and silver jewelry from Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and Burma.  

Artifacts of Oceania

Looking for something very special? As you walk through our stores you may noa noa artifactnotice that our displays include many interesting objects. These artifacts include 12 to 19th century Chinese and Thai ceramics, Ikat weaving, ceremonial masks form Borneo, Java, Papua New Guinea, Sumatran Batiks, baskets, drums, an extensive collection of tapa cloth from Fiji, Samoa, Borneo, Toraja, Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Many of the works have remarkable histories. We hope that they will ensure an interesting visit to Noa Noa and if you are looking for a conversation piece or an addition to your collection they are for sale.